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VRLA Battery

GEL Battery http://www.eaglelion.com.tw/index.php?cPath=123_124


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UPS FA-600 http://www.eaglelion.com.tw/product_info.php?products_id=75

Power Supply PG-580 http://www.eaglelion.com.tw/product_info.php?products_id=76




COMPUTEX is coming soon, we hope to see you in COMPUTEX 08.

Welcom to visit us at our booth C937.



Dear Friends & Customers,

In order to provide more efficient and effective service to friends and customers, we had given some modifications to enhance our web site. The new functions will be as follows:

1. Inquiry Cart: If you send your inquiry thru this Inquiry Cart system. Your inquiry will be filed in our data base. Accordingly, you may check your inquiry record any time as you wish.

2. Search: You may key in product name or item no or related words and our system will provide you all related product linking in our web site. Furthermore, no matter in any search engine such as google or yahoo, you just need to key in "Eaglelion & product name" or "Eaglelion & item No.", you will find related linking URL easily.

In the future, we should appreciate that you could use our web site more and more. If you had any requirement and suggestion, we are ready to hear all the time and will make efforts to meet your wishes.


UPS Especially For South Africa

According to news report, we knew that South Africa was in short of power. It seems that there isn't any concrete solution to end this shortage until now. In other word, this situation will last long for couple months. Meanwhile, in end of this Jan, we also found a lot of South Africa importers posted their buying leads on Alibaba.com and other b2b web site for UPS, Inverters, and generators. However, most of those message could not have satisfactory response from supply market because of Chinese New year and snow storm. Even if some response, it is still very difficult and risky to import those products into South Africa because of the quality and specification. In fact, many suppliers still didn't know the Power Plug for South Africa. This is not kidding. Therefore, the writer would like to urge all the importers should be careful before importing. In order to face this urgent requirement, from this end of Jan, we had sent ups containers to South Africa. The first lot will arrived in S.A. before this end of Feb.. Meanwhile, in the shipment of this early March, we are making efforts to ship out inverters and generators. we should appreciate to have the opportunity to work with those distributors and importers who are in this field and/or feel interested in those items. From the world wide weather, the coming winter can be also very cold in S.A.. If the shortage of power cann't come to the end in coming months, how people need those facilities will be far beyond our imagination. Besides business, we really hope that we could do something and keep people warm in the winter.


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