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High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Offline UPS / FA-600
Product No.: FA-600

This Product was added to our catalog on Monday, Jun 23, 2008.
Shipping time: Within 30 days after receipt of your payment
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Product information:

‧ Pure sine wave output
‧ CPU control and excellent performance
‧ Input frequency: both 50Hz and 60Hz
‧ Special "dormancy" mode ; energy saving and environmental protection
‧ All-round protection
‧ Low noise


Model FA-600
Rated capacity(VA/W)600VA (360W)
Input Commercial power range 100/120/220/230/240 (+20%,-20%)
Commercial powerSine-wave
Output InversionSine-wave
FrequencyCommercial power supply: shared frequency with the commercial inversion state: 50/60Hz±0.5
AVR voltage range100VAC/110VAC/120VAC/127VAC/220VAC/230VAC±10% (Auto-sensing)
Transfer timeTypical: 5ms
Protection Spike protection320 joules, 2ms
Filter10dB at 0.15MHz, 50dB at 30Hz
OverloadUPS automatically shutdown if overload exceeds 120% of normal value for 10 seconds and 150% for 3 seconds
DormancyWhen there is no supply and no loads are plugged to the ups, the ups will be in "dormancy" mode, to reduce the consumption on the battery
Short circuitUPS Output is cut off immediately or input circuit breaker protection
AlarmBattery back-up Keeping sound every 30 seconds when the input is cut off
Battery low voltageKeeping sound every 1 second when the battery power is over
OverloadTurn off UPS automatically
BatteryType Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid
Capacity(12V, 7AH) x 1
Recharge time8 hours to 90% of full capacity
Back-up timeTypical 10 min (half load)
Battery protectionAutomatic self-test, discharge protection
Communication interface RS232 Bi-directional communication port
AppearanceExternal Size (mm)262 (L) x 163 (W) x 73 (H)
Shipping Size (mm)365 (L) x 195 (W) x 85 (H)
Net weight (kg)3.8
Internal Gross weight (kg)4.0
External Gross weight (kg)40
RemarkUniversal sockets only
Specification only for reference. Subject to change without prior notice
We accept order with special specifications

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